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Paper Title :
Vibration Analysis Of A Proposed Experimental Prototype Railway Level Crossing System

Author :Sahin Yildirim, Caglar Sevim, Sukru Su, Menderes Kalkat

Article Citation :Sahin Yildirim ,Caglar Sevim ,Sukru Su ,Menderes Kalkat , (2015 ) " Vibration Analysis Of A Proposed Experimental Prototype Railway Level Crossing System " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 1-5, Volume-3,Issue-10

Abstract : As well known, commercial transports with railways are very important for secure travelling and conditions. In recent years, in spite of advanced high technology, there is still aircrafts, cars, and buses crashes in the world for travelling. Because of these reasons, it is preferable and inevitable to prefer railway travelling for passengers. Nowadays, rail-way crossing system are very important parts of railway systems for car, bus and van drivers. Uncontrolled railway crossing (URC); it becomes very big problems and dangerous for car drivers; because of railway conditions and fast passing. An investigation on intelligent railway and crossing design and analysis with intelligent sensor and control technology are outlined in this paper. Firstly, the proposed prototype were designed with all mechatronic elements such as instruments and conditions. Secondly; the proposed prototype of electro-mechanics system was set-up as designed conditions. However, the train system’s vibration was analyzed with different working speed conditions and rail-way profiles. On the other hand the closing and opening speeds times were changed with different speeds of railway systems. Index Terms - Rail-Way Level Crossing, Train System, Vibration Analysis.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-3,Issue-10


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| Published on 2015-10-09
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