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Paper Title :
Mechanical characterization and effects of Hydrolytic Aging on Glass Kevlar Hybrid Composites

Author : Prasen A. Srivastav, Kiran S. Wangikar, Ajay D. Kale

Article Citation :Prasen A. Srivastav ,Kiran S. Wangikar ,Ajay D. Kale , (2017 ) " Mechanical characterization and effects of Hydrolytic Aging on Glass Kevlar Hybrid Composites " , International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering (IJMPE) , pp. 12-17, Volume-5,Issue-9

Abstract : The primary objective of the research is to develop a fundamental understanding of the effects of hygrothermal exposure on Glass Kevlar Hybrid composites. Moisture absorption and its effects on the tensile, flexural and shear strength of the composite specimens have been studied. Specimens were cut as per ASTM standards 3039, 790, 5357 for tensile, flexural and shear test respectively. The specimens were conditioned by immersing them into distilled water and some specimens in open environment for five different periods (every month). The aged and unaged specimens were tested under Uni axial tension, Flexure (3-Point bending) loads and shear loads using Instron 3367 Universal Testing Machine (UTM). The study on effect of different environmental condition on the composite material was investigated using Temperature cum Humidity chamber with three different input parameters (humidity, temperature and time) and three levels (low, medium and high) were chosen of India and Taguchi matrix was formed. The amount of degradation and the percentage of moisture uptake of the aged specimens were investigated. The results indicated that, with the use of glass fabric in outer layer the percentage of moisture absorption decreases thus reducing moisture degradation of composite. Good tensile, flexural and shear properties was obtained for the glass Kevlar hybrid composite. Index Terms - Composites, Degradation, Glass, Humidity, Hybrid, Moisture, Temperature

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-5,Issue-9


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| Published on 2017-11-23
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