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Re-Equipping Of Gear Hobbing Machine: Numerical Control Innovation Based On Plc And Servomechanism

This research work has been carried out at Top Gear Transmission Pvt. Ltd. plant located at Satara, India. Top Gear Transmission Pvt. Ltd. is a leading name in gearbox manufacturing. Various types of gearboxes are manufactured in the company as per the customer requirements. Company wants to convert conventional gear hobbing machine in to the NC machine due to demand for improved performance of gears, to manufacture better quality gears preferably without using a further finishing process, such as grinding. Teeth gear processing includes one important process i.e. The gear hobbing. Now a days in modern gear processing, traditional gear hobbing process pointed out towards existing problems. To overcome those problems, putting forward efficient reconstruction scheme namely conversion of conventional gear hobbing machine in to NC machine with programmable logic controller and servo mechanism. By using PLC in gear hobbbing following transformations has done. In hardware transformations, to minimizes the defects of traditional gear hobbing transmission : use of more motor driving mode control process; replacement of middle transmission mechanism; direct connection of motor shaft & planetary gear box with movement; reduce transmission error so as to improve the machining accuracy. To better control, adopted the sensors to follow movement process; use of PLC & feedback better control process. Enhancing the function of gear-hobbing after reforming, adopt touch screen man-machine interface for exchange. After transformation in gear hobbing machine the test results show that numerical control transformation, helps improve efficiency, accuracy, life span of old machine and minimizes complexity for the operator.