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Design And Development Of Amphibious Quadcopter

The multirotor is an emerging Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) that may have limitless applications. Evolving from a century old design, modern multirotors are turning into small and agile vehicles. A number of multirotor configurations were reviewed for this purpose and finally quadrotor configuration was selected. Our present focus is on developing a suitable design configuration for an amphibious quadcopter with the help of CAD and CAE tools. The design was initiated by the approximate payload the quadcopter should carry and weight of individual components. Based on the approximate weight of the quadcopter, the appropriate motors and corresponding electronic components were selected. The selection of materials for the structure was based on weight, forces acting on them, mechanical properties and cost. First person view (FPV) was incorporated into the system to carry to surveillance with the help from GPS tracking system. Since this quadcopter is amphibious we specially designed an unconventional landing gear so that it could float, take-off and land on water.