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Carbon Nanotubes - Production and Application: A Review

The discovery of carbon nanotubes (CNT) opened up a new era in materials science. These incredible structures have an array of fascinating electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties. They exhibit extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties, and are efficient conductors of heat.The diameter of these tubes are down to 0.4nm but while their growth in length can be upto more than thousand times of their diameters. Carbon nanotubes offer massive opportunities in the material world. In particular, the exceptional mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, combined with their low density, offer scope for the development of nanotube reinforced composite materials. This paper provides the concise review of the synthesis, the properties and the current and potential application of carbon nanotubes with their extra ordinary properties in the field of engineering. Keywords - Nano composite materials; carbon nanotubes; single wall nanotubes.