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Aerodynamic Analysis of NACA0012 Airfoil using CFD

Analysis of the two dimensional airfoil was done with the help of CFD Software. The target of the work is to come across the most suitable turbulent model in calculation of Governing Equations. The Governing Equations were solved using CFD software. Since two dimensional and three dimensional airfoil shows the equivalent result that is why the two dimensional airfoil was used. NACA0012 airfoil is a non cambered airfoil and it is used in various aeronautical applications. Flow on this airfoil was analysed for different angle of attack and compared practical data with simulated data for different turbulent models. Calculations were done at low Reynolds number keeping a constant velocity for altered angle of attack. During calculation grid independence test was done to show the accuracy of result by changing in grid size or nodes. As the number of nodes increases, the lift coefficient is also increased. But as soon as we reached 102180 nodes, the lift coefficient becomes stagnate. Keywords- Airfoil, Turbulent, Reynolds No, CFD, Coefficient of Lift