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Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams Predicted using Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

ACI 318-14 stipulates the use of reinforced concrete (RC) coupling beams with diagonal reinforcing bars to improve seismic performance of buildings. Because of the large energy dissipation of coupling beam, it plays an important role in resisting lateral load. In this study, the shear behavior of RC coupling beams is predicted using RCAHEST(Reinforced Concrete Analysis in Higher Evaluation System Technology), a nonlinear finite element analysis program, and compared with the results of previous experiments. RC coupling beams with various aspect ratios and reinforcement details are used for analysis. The results of analysis of the RC coupling beams obtained by RCAHEST showed a good agreement with the experimental results obtained from the previous studies. Index Terms - Reinforced Concrete, Coupling Beams, Special Shear Wall, Diagonal Reinforcing Bars