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Experimental Study of Wear Ratio on Superni-600 (Super Alloy) using Powder Mixed EDM

The work piece into consideration i.e. Superni 600 is very difficult to be machined with conventional machining processes due to very high hardness of the material. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) has been regarded as the best method for machining of complex materials with greater values of hardness such as superni 600 super–alloy. In this research work, an attempt has been made to machine Superni 600 material with Abrasive Electrical Discharge Machining (AEDM) process. Input parameters such as peak current, pulse on time, gap voltage and concentration of abrasives in dielectric fluid were taken into account. MRR (Material Removal Rate), TWR (Tool Wear Ratio) and Wear Ratio were regarded as output resulting parameter. Taguchi method was employed to plan and design (orthogonal array) experimentation. Results show that machining of Superni 600 is possible with EDM technology and all the input parameters have appropriate effect on MRR, TWR and Wear ratio of the work piece. Index terms - EDM, AEDM, MRR (Material Removal Rate), TWR (Tool Wear Ratio), WR (Wear Ratio) and Taguchi method.