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Algae Bio Fuel: The Fuel for Future

In today's era we all know that one of the crucial problems we face is fossils fuel is on verge exhaust. So we need to find a suitable solution for the problem and we can get it from algae fuel. In this case study examines of the potential for algae based fuel technologies which provide a new and advantageous way of manufacturing bio fuels for transportation and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants is introduced. The results from research and development efforts and limited in recent deployments of algae-based fuel technologies are encouraging, but the technology is still in its infancy with the costs remaining high. So, to find a suitable solution several companies are now exploring options for producing algaebased bio fuels and/or air pollution reduction systems. The algae can be new scope for future having low emission compared to traditional fossil fuel. The algae can be converted to Biofuel from Algae by transesterification. The algae can be a good substitute for fossil fuel and also it will be a benefit for its producers. The producers of algae are farmer who will get high cash for producing algae which will be substitute of fossil fuel. There are various new ways one can use to grow This review is focused on potential avenues related to genetic engineering which may be undertaken in present to improve micro algae as a bio fuel & platform for the production of various products like bio hydrogen, starch-derived alcohols, diesel fuel surrogates, and alkanes. Keywords - Algae based fuel, transesterification, Comparison of diesel & algae.