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Non-Destructive Test: Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete With Metakaolin

The weak matrix in concrete, when reinforced with steel fibers, uniformly distributed across its entire mass, gets strengthened enormously, thereby rendering the matrix to behave as a composite material with properties significantly different from conventional concrete. Because of the vast improvements achieved by the addition of fibers to concrete, there are several applications where Fibers Reinforced Concrete (FRC) can be intelligently and beneficially use. These fibers have already been used in many large projects involving the construction of industrial floors, pavements, highway-overlays, etc. in India. The present investigation study focused on the effect of steel fiber content on the mechanical properties of Steel Fibre Concrete with Metakaolin by using destructive test (DT) under compression testing machine as well as nondestructive test (NDT) by rebound hammer. In this project we focused on the experimental results of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) with Metakaolin as admixture. In this work M20 grade concrete with volume fraction of the Round Crimped Steel Fiber (RCSF) 1%, 2%, 3% & 4% increment, and 5%, 10%, 15% & 20% of metakaolin replaced with cement was used. Water/cement ratio to be taken as 0.5. Under this project we are casted 18 cubes for above mentioned percentage of steel fiber with metakaolin and tested under compression and rebound hammer test also results are compared with conventional concrete.