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Using a Soft-Computing Technique for Talent Management: A Case Study of Evolute System Approach

Talent management has been one of the most debated topic in human resource management (HRM) theory and practice. This study presents a case study that used soft-computing technique (Evolute system approach) to identify the talent within organization, and develop them according to their competencies level. The Evolute system is based on the emerging co-Evolute methodology and brain-based metaphors, which enable one to visualize the competencies in the form of different graphs and examine the current reality and personal vision of individuals/employees. It helps in identifying the talent within organization by determining current level of competencies. Moreover, it helps in categorizing human resources into different segments based on their competencies, which lead towards specialized training and development programs for each segmentation. Keywords - Soft-Computing, Talent Management, Talent Identification, Competence, Creative Tension, Evolute, Astroid