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Precompensation of Hardening Distortions on a Machine Tool by Adaptive Soft Machining

At present mass production of bearing cages for automotive drive shafts requires a process chain with 15 steps. Because of distortion due to hardening half of these steps are hard machining operations. An adaptive machining strategy by means of a closed loop process control can be used for precompensation of hardening distortions. Thus, all hard machining operations can be avoided. This paper analyzes the sensitivity of correction values like tool paths, process parameters and the effects on surface integrity considering residual stresses for a prospective process chain control. The control based approach is implemented and validated on a turn-milling center. Hardening distortions are compensated by using nc-control for milling operations and by using models of residual stresses for turning operations. Keywords - Predictive model, Process control, Surface integrity