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Design of Efficient Hybrid Plasmonic and Phononic Solar Cells

The rapid increase in green house gases has led to the total imbalance in the current climatic conditions. The use of non-sustainable energy and the increasing threats in the emissions of these fuels has motivated us to come up with efficient solar cell without using conventional photovoltaics or silicon cells. This paper is proposing the idea about implementation of both phononic interactions and plasmonic interactions phenomena in a single hybrid solar cell. Initially we have outlined a development of solar cells deviating from traditional technology. We have then explained about the incorporation of plasmonic and phononic interaction principles and then we have mentioned about few design architectures that can be adapted. The unique high solar spectrum factor of our proposed solar cells has been explained. Qualitative analysis for the high efficiency of this solar cell has been mentioned. Finally the application part of these kind of hybrid solar cells have been justified. Keywords - Plasmonic Interactions, Phononic Interactions, High Solar Spectrum Factor, High Efficiency.