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Optimization of Non-Conventional Machining Methods for Mild Steel

The immense progress in field of material technology has led to development of many new harder materials and alloys and simultaneously exposed the limitations of traditional machining processes .The traditional machining process cannot be applied on materials with low machinability and production of complicated geometries. The above reasons force the industries to adopt non-conventional machining processes. Non-conventional machining processes are antithesis to traditional ones as they do not involve contact between tool and work piece. The paper compares and contrasts the NTM cutting processes (AJM, AWJM, WJM, LBM and EBM) on the basis of three parameters namely feedrate, surface roughness and Machining time .Grey Relation Analysis is applied to ascertain the best cutting process. The experimental results conveys that EBM is superior as it offers higher federate, better surface finish and Machining time. Keywords - Non Traditional Machining,AJM, AWJM, WJM, LBM, EBM, Grey Relational Analysis, Bubble Sort.