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Green Gel Hypergolic Propulsion System for Space Application

This paper discusses the research achievement in the field of formulated green gel hypergolic bipropellant system and customized gel thruster for space application. Catalytically driven ethanol/ethanolamine and hydrogen peroxide based green gel hypergolic bipropellant system (GHP’s) was designed. Firstly, hypergolicity was achieved with the help of formulated liquid or viscous catalyst. The concept was to achieve hypergolicity by utilizing and controlling, critical volume of formulated catalyst without affecting the exhaust velocity and specific impulse of the designed GHP’s by reducing the metal oxide production in the exhaust from the combustion of catalyst. Secondly, reasonable ignition delay time was achieved as per mission requirement while controlling the delay time by controlling volume flow rate of the catalyst using tri-injection thruster. Thirdly, thruster system was designed to understand the gel propellant performance under pressurized condition in terms of Thrust and Isp for propulsion application. The obtained Thrust and Isp with gelled ethanol and hydrogen eproxide was 400N and 278s respectively. Finally, this designed gel thruster will help to overcome the complication of catalytic bed system for decomposition of peroxide before initiation of gel fuel ignition. The focus of this research is to design the simple, safer, reliable and economical propulsion system. Keywords– Gel Propellant, Hypergolicity, Catalyst, Thruster, Specific impulse