Paper Title
Design and Fabrication of Android App Controlled Automobile Screw Jack

In today’s era, an automobile has become the part and parcel of our life, even after the introduction of new range of tubeless tires a most common problem with us is the punctured wheel which is really a cumbersome and tedious task and the most tiring amongst the whole process is placing jack and lifting it, but what if this tiring task is done by just one click. Our paper titled “DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF ANDROID APP CONTROLLED AUTOMOBILE SCREW JACK” is the solution for the same. In this paper we have firstly designed a screw jack on creo 3.0 and then by assembling motors and other components we have also simulated the design on the same which gave the exact and the virtual idea of our project. After successful design and procurement of the materials, all the necessary components were, manufactured and assembled. The entire assembly is controlled by app which is made on MIT app maker and the brain of this project is the Arduino Uno which controls all the motors by receiving signals from the app with help of a Bluetooth module (HC-05), Arduino stores the code which is encoded into it by Arduino encoder. Entire assembly is moved by 10 and 60 RPM DC motors.