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A Comparative Study on the Components Fabricated by Injection Moulding and FDM 3D Printing Process

Injection molding is the process of manufacturing components by injecting molten metal in to the mould cavity with plunger. This solidifies in to the shape of mould to fill the cavity. In 3D printing complex and intricate shapes can also be produced easily as there is no requirement of mould. The aim of this work is to perform a comparative study on the components fabricated by 3D printing and Injection moulding process. The parameters considerd for comparison of injection moulding with 3D Printing process are cost of manufacturing, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. For the purpose of comparison two components i.e., electronic circuit casing, automatic starter holder are considered. These two components are fabricated by using both 3D printing and Injection moulding process with ABS material. In 3D printing electronic casing is also fabricated by PLA material. Keywords - Injection molding, 3D printing, manufacturing cost, surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, manufacturing time.