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Thermal Analysis of Aluminium based Particulate Metal Matrix Composites

To improvise heat sinks performance, heat transfer rate needs to be increased; based on Newton’s Law of Cooling. Literature review suggested that materials for heat sinks are unexplored so far. Hence this research focuses on novel class of materials engineered by dispersing ceramic particles in conventional aluminium alloys. Aluminium metal matrix composites (AMCs) reinforced with micron-sized cubic boron nitride (CBN), Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Aluminium oxide (Al203) particles were fabricated by bottom tapping stir casting method. By characterizing, all three fabricated different composition (BN, SiC, Al203) AMCs in which Aluminium Boron Nitride (Al/BN) composites exhibits expected results. The result shows significant enhancement in thermal conductivity of Al/BN composites than conventional Aluminium Alloy 6061 (AA 6061) and other ceramic reinforced AMCs. Keywords - Aluminium metal matrix composites, Boron Nitride, Heat transfer rate and Pin-Fin.