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Performance Analysis and Experimental Investigation for Reducing Cutting Tool Wear Rate by Cryoenic Technique

The high speed steel is used as a cutting tool, as it has good quality and reliability at cheaper rate when compared to other cutting tools. The cryogenic treatment process involves cooling down the samples to 93k (-180°c) soaking for 15-20 minutes and then slowly heating back to room temperature in 6 hrs. In this, solution having two sample pieces of round of EN8 & EN19. A method called deep cryogenic process, subjects steel components placed in a specially constructed tank to temperature around 77k (196°c) for half an hour using liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant. There is 34.17 seconds reduction in machining time and there is no tool wear when machining EN8 and when machining EN 19 there is 22.04 seconds reduction in machining time and 0.03g increase in tool wear resistance.