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Freestanding Carbon-Zeoliticimidazolate Framework-7 Composite for Enhanced Super Capacitor Performance

Freestanding and flexible supercapacitor from carbon nanofiber (CNF) composite with zeolitic imidazole framework (ZIF7) by electrospinning is demonstrated. The ZIF7/carbon nanofiber composites are characterized by x-ray diffraction patterns for the crystalline structure. The porosity introduced due to ZIF7 a metal organic framework was utilized to achieve exceptional properties of the electrode for the high energy density supercapacitor applications. The organic framework of Zn along with the carbon nanofiber annealed at 950 C demonstrated excellent rectangular curves of the cyclic voltammetry for all the scan rates with no peaks of irreversible redox during electrochemical performance. The energy density deduced from galvanostatic charge/discharge curves was46.4 Wh·kg-1 when the power density in consideration was 1 kW·kg-1. Thus, ZIF7/CNF composite are very promising candidate for advanced energy storage devices due to their superior electrochemical performance. Keywords- Electro Spinning, Metal-Organic Frameworks, ZIF7, Supercapacitor, Nanoporous Carbon