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Supersonically-Sprayed Aerogel and Clay Particles as Thermal Barrier Films

To protect surface of substrate from heat loss, a Thermal insulation layers(TIL) were produced by the supersonic spraying process which is consisted of a supersonic nozzle, an atomizer, a gas heater, a syringe pump, and a x-y motor stage. While it has been found that sufficiently thick coating layers improve thermal protection, still we want to manufacture thinner layer using optimal coating materials; clays, silica, and aerogels have been used, and have the properties which are non-toxic, competitive price as cheap in this research. Herein, we show the high-performance results using thermal coating layers regard to insulation of both heat and cooling. The thickness of layers is from 1 to 5 mm, Aerogel/SiO2/Mont. 3 mm layer performed best insulation effect about 100 °C comparing to bare case. Deposition by supersonic cold spraying are rapid and scalable to large area, so do applicable for commercial industry. Index Terms- Thermal Insulation Barrier, Layer, Metal Materials, Supersonic Spray Coating.