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Design, Modeling and Strength Analysis of Connecting Rod for 4 Stroke Single Cylinder 10 Hp (7.35 Kw) Diesel Engine-A Review

Every vehicle that uses an internal combustion engine at least requires one connecting rod depending upon the number of cycles of an engine. It undergoes high cyclic load that ranges from high compressive load due to combustion to high tensile load due to inertia. Due to these factors, ‘connecting rod’ has become the topic of research. Based upon research and findings, it was found that major failures occur in shank of connecting rod that results in bending, catastrophic failure occur due to crack initiation because of cyclic load, the application of high pressure and induced stress during strokes results in failure of both small and big ends. In order to determine desirable strength and durable alternate material for connecting rod various research papers has been reviewed, based upon those papers suitable alternate material such as Aluminium alloy 360, Alfesic etc. will be selected and modelling will be done using solidworks2016 3.0. Strength analysis will be carried out using ANSYS2016. Keywords - Strength Analysis, Modeling, Design, Cost & Weight reduction, Connecting rod.