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Study of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 90 %Cu 10%Ni Alloy Joints using Laser Beam Welding

This paper reveals the effect of LBW process parameter, welding speed, on the microstructures and mechanical properties of CO2 LBW of 90% Cu 10% Ni alloys welds. LBW joints were fabricated using different welding speeds of 1.0 m/min, 1.5 m/min, 2.0 m/min and 2.5 m/min. The mechanical properties of the welded joints were evaluated and correlated with microstructures. The LBW of 90% Cu 10% Ni alloys joints fabricated at a welding speed of 2.0 m /min exhibited fine, equiaxed & uniformly distributed grains at Fusion Zone (FZ) and resulted in superior mechanical properties than other joints. Keywords - 90% Cu 10% Ni alloy; CO2 laser beam welding (LBW); Microstructures and Mechanical properties.