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Pantograph Engraving Machine - A Review

This project ‘Pantograph Engraving Machine (PEM)’ is designed and is used mainly to cut wood, plastics, mild steel plates in to any shapes with desired accuracy and correctness. The Pantograph machine consists of the traditional cutting equipment along with a pantograph which is a mechanical linkage connected in a manner based on parallel orgasm and which is further used for copying and scaling line drawings and complex images. The working principle of pantograph engraving machine is based on four bar mechanism in which one link is fixed and other links are pivoted. These other links move according to the movement of the tracing link. This is a low cost and high valuable apparatus. In this project, a model of the Pantograph engraving machine will be designed using CAD packages like AutoCAD, pro- e etc. taking into consideration of the commercially available components. Care has been taken in the fabrication of components. The lack of accuracy and precision in fabricated components would lead to a diminished performance of the machine resulting into a poor surface finish. Keywords - Pantograph, Engraving Machine, Linkage, Four Bar Mechanism.