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Effect Of Flyash On Mechanical Properties Of Glass Fiber Polymer Composites

The use of polymer fiber reinforced Composite materials is finding applications day by day in engineering fields such as aero-space, automotive, aircrafts constructions, etc. Glass fibre polymer composites are reinforced with flyash in different weight fractions, i.e. (0%, 5%, 10% and 15%) and fabricated by using hand lay-up technique. These fabricated slabs are cut into required dimensions and the tests for mechanical properties like Tension test, Impact test and Hardness test were performed. Tension test was performed on Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Impact test was performed for Izod and Charpy specimens and Hardness test was performed on Brinell’s Hardness Testing Machine. From the experimental results obtained, it was noticed that the mechanical properties were enhanced when the flyash percent was increased and also among these percentages of flyash, the specimen having 15% was possessing highest properties