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Modified Rotating Biological Contactor

The disposal of domestic wastewater without any treatment into the drainage systems is considered a source of pollution threatening the population. Industrial waste water discharge to the environment is one of the environmental problems which must be controlled. Current mainstream technologies for treatment of domestic wastewater such as activated sludge and tertiary nutrient removal are too costly to provide a satisfactory solution. Attached growth technologies work on the principle that organic matter is removed from wastewater by microorganisms. The main advantages of attached growth processes over the activated sludge process are lower energy requirements, simpler operation, no bulking problems, less maintenance and better recovery from shock loads. A rotating biological contactor (RBC) is a successful wastewater microbial treatment system that has been developed. It has been widely used for the secondary treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater. The proposed modified RBC system will be fitted with various combinations of innovative paddles (boxes). The paddles will be packed with various media to judge the effect of type of media on the performance of RBC in terms of BOD, COD, TSS and pH. An effort will be made to develop such a technique to utilize this technique in modified RBC system. It is expected thatthe system developed will provide appreciable results in terms of BOD, COD, TSS and pH. The suggested treatment methodology will be compact, economical, energy efficient and effective.