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Assembly Line Production Improvement By Optimization Of Cycle Time

Automobile manufacturing organizations are currently encountering a necessity to respond to rapidly changing customer needs, desires and fluctuating market demand. Markets are affected by diverse customer needs, which demand higher quality, shorter delivery time, higher customer service level and lower prices. Many automobile organizations have realized the need to improve the quality of products & services to compete successfully. To compete in dynamic environment, these organizations must have to develop new methodologies allowing them to remain competitive and flexible simultaneously so that they can respond to the new demands. Production Process improvement becomes obligatory to gauge as well as improvise the current manufacturing scenario (outline) and hence advent of kaizen automation plays a chief role. This requirement is focusing on optimization of cycle time, reduction non value added work (3M-Muda, Muri, Mura), Kaizen: Continuous Improvement. In Japanese Kaizen is for continuous automated improvement designed to eliminate waste on resources of manufacturing system i.e. machinery, material, worker and production methods.