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Effect Of Compression Ratio On Partially Premixed Charge Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled With Methanol Diesel Blends–An Experimental Investigation

The effects of compression ratio on premixed charge compression ignition engine fuelled with methanol diesel blends were investigated. The test was carried out with different compression ratio. The compression ratio (r) was obtained using different piston heads (r). The premixed charge compression ignition engine was modified by using four-stroke, air cooled, single-cylinder diesel engine and also the performance, combustion and emission Characteristics were studied. The experimental results of PCCI engine indicated that an overall brake thermal efficiency was increased to 2% using methanol diesel blends at compression ratio of 19.5 than neat diesel. The reduction of overall Oxides of Nitrogen was observed at compression ratio of 19.5 by 56%. The methanol diesel blends results with different compression ratios indicated that Carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon emissions were increased 10% in 19.5 compression ratios. An overall experimental results indicated that compression ratio of 19.5 was suitable for alternate fuel operations in PCCI engine and had good combustion and emission characteristics. The exhaust emissions, heat release rate were analysed using AVL software systems, AVL five-gas analyzer and AVL smoke meter. And wefocuses on the trends of coupling effects on noise in delay estimation.