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Problem Of Luffing System Of Stacker Reclaimer

A Stacker Reclaimer machine is large equipment used in Coal Handling Plant (CHP). Other than Stacking, Luffing is the basic movement. Although two power cylinders and a boom conveyor belt is introduced in the Stacker Reclaimer. As the cylinders are workings up and down direction, then the boom conveyor of machine also working up and down direction. Thus the whole working is termed as Luffing system. Due to the problem of Luffing system, it may cause stoppage of plant generation with a big financial loss of Rs. 5, 23,300/-. By knowing the root cause, we formulated the solution by using number of tools and techniques. A new modified pipe is then fabricated with the cost of just Rs. 450/-. Through this model we have made trials and follow-ups on a Stacker Reclaimer. And thus finally we solved the problem of Luffing system of a Stacker Reclaimer by saving tangible benefits of Rs. 5,23,300/-.