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Automatic Arduino-Controlled Garbage Collector

The basic idea deals with three-wheel vehicle with a robotic movable hand and a HC-SRO4 ultrasonic sensor to determine positional coordinates. It starts near the dustbin, locates the crumbled papers lying on the ground, goes towards the object, stops near it, picks it up, comes back near the dustbin and throws it there. And then again repeats the whole process. With the launch of "Swatch Bharat Campaign" by our honorable Prime Minister with much hype in recent times, it is our moral obligation as the member of academia community to put in our best possible support to the movement. And hence, to do so, here we are with Automatic Arduino Controlled Garbage Collector which is a prototype to what can be a tremendous idea to work upon if invested properly. Index Terms - Arduinio, Uno, L293-D.