Paper Title
Multi Function Auto Cleaner

Robots are intentionally used in automation sector to do simple task reliably with reducing human effort in less time. Clean surroundings by robot is become one of the basic requirements for human life, being widely used for domestic, small scale industries and Service sector. In multi-function auto cleaner, we propose a multi-tasking robot which deliver easy and time efficient cleaning of floor by reducing human effort. Several robotic cleaners are available in market but only few ones implement wet cleaning of floors that’s why we provide this feature in this prototype with new mechanism. Its objective is to design and implement a multi-tasking cleaning robot prototype work automatically by using sensor and microcontroller and in a way to reduce the human effort. The cleaning (Dry/wet) are performed automatically with additional features like brushes, mopping mechanism, dirt container with air vacuum mechanism. Indexterms - Arduino, Rolling mob, L298N driver IC, Creo4.0.