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Turbocharger Design Criteria, Selection and Failure

This paper presents step by step design procedure and considerations while matching a turbocharger to a specific engine. One simple and efficient way of matching a turbocharger to an engine is the “Ballpark Matching” technique. Turbochargers are the most efficient horsepower supplementing unit in a vehicle, and its installation requires changing certain components of an engine, and sometimes even installing completely new parts in the engine, like aftercoolers. For heavy duty purposes where it is targeted to increase the horsepower by more than 50%, we have to do certain changes in the crankshaft, piston and other parts of an engine. Once a turbocharger is selected and installed, the next step is tuning the turbocharger according to the fuel injection characteristics and extracting maximum out of the turbocharger. The last and most important phase is the failure analysis and detection in a turbocharger. Certain typical turbocharger failures will be discussed along with troubleshooting. Indexterms - Turbocharger Matching, Tuning, Compressor, Wastegates, Anti Lag Systems