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Finite Element Analysis on Forced Convective Heat Transfer Augmentation of Nanofluids in a Triangular Cavity

The behavior of Ag-water nanofluids is explored numerically in an inclined lid-driven triangular enclosure heated on bottom surface. The consequent mathematical model is governed by the coupled equations of mass, momentum and energy and solved by employing Galerkin weighted residual method of finite element formulation. A wide range of governing parameters such as the Richardson number and Reynolds number are considered in this investigation. Ag-water nanofluids are used with Prandtl number, Pr = 6.2 and Reynolds number (Re) is varied from 100 to 500.The streamlines, isotherm plots and the variation of the average Nusselt number at the hot surface as well as average fluid temperature in the enclosure is presented and discussed in detailed. It is observed that Reynolds number strongly influenced the fluid flow and heat transfer in the enclosure at the three convective regimes. Keywords - Ag-water nanofluid, Finite Element Method, solid volume fraction