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Study on Automotive Engines and Diesel Equipment Alloy Fatigue of Plasma Behaviour Yttria-Zirconia Thermal Sprayed

The present work is to design and stress analysis of turbine blade of jet engine. An examination for the utilization of new materials is required. The turbine blade was designed with a material named as alloy steel. An effort has been made to examine the impact of pressure and stresses on the turbine blade. Finite element analysis is utilized to inspect structural performance for alloy steel. The analysis was performed by two different design models of turbine blade comprising of seven circular and seven elliptical shaped holes. The gas turbine blade is modeled in a 3D cad tool named SOLID WORKS SIMULATION TOOL by utilizing extrude feature and the structural analysis is carried out in ANSYS workbench through which equivalent stresses and total deformation were resolved. It is discovered that by changing the hole design from circular to elliptical; the elliptical model is more stronger than circular model as it demonstrates less stress and deformation when contrasted with the other one for same working parameters. Keywords - Turbine blade, Finite Element, stress.