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Application of “Built in Quality” At Mid-Volume Machining Center

When lean is leveraged, system becomes flexible and agile. Faster customer service ,inventory reduction, zero defect, all are achieved that includes both upstream (office) and downstream (production) processes. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is an effective discipline which integrates two strategies used for continual improvement by enterprise: lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. It helps to improve process by reducing waste & improving quality simultaneously. This paper presents a study on the Built in Quality application at mid volume machining center of Diesel Engine Company. A complete diagnosis was done to identify manufacturing process problems and opportunities for improvement. Also,a Six Sigma approach DMAIC (design,measure,analyze, improve, control )was used to quantify opportunities, show evidence for improvement, and show potential benefits to be gained. Results show that with the application of LSS there is potential for the firm to reduce defects by almost 60 percent, reduce waste by 30 percent in last six months which suggest that LSS strategy implementation could be useful for mid volume machining center companies. Keywords - Lean Six Sigma , First pass yield , DPU, RCCA ,BIQ ,Value chain.