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Optimization of Burnishing Process Parameters on Differently Hardened 20mncr5 Steel

Surface finish designates the geometry and microstructural superiority of the machined surface. Different operations such as grinding, lapping, honing, buffing, barrel rolling, polishing, super finishing, and burnishing are required to be performed to achieve the high surface finish. Amongst all, burnishing is a process where the hard roller or a ball tool is engaged to the workpiece to get the better surface finish. In the present study, using Taguchi approach preliminary plan is made for the experimentation then according to it a roller burnishing of the 20MnCr5 workpiece at different input conditions is performed. From the analysis, it is concluded that the hardness of the material is the main contributing factor for burnishing process. Index terms: Burnishing, Depth of penetration, Feed, Speed, Hardness, Surface roughness.