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Solar-Powered Charging Station for Electrical Vehicles at Grocery Stores in Morocco: A Designing and Feasibility Perspective

This study evaluates the feasibility of solar powered charging station in public places such as grocery stores in morocco. In fact, a business process modeling for a solar powered charging station in a grocery store was done in Bizagi software in order to evaluate cost of implementing a charging station in a grocery store, payback period, and revenue of charging station within a year, PV equipment cost, customers’ energy consumption within a year, customers charging time and amount of energy can be injected to the distribution grid in a year. The study result indicates that implementing electric vehicle charging solar powered can be a good business plan that pays its payback in 7.51-12.77 years. Furthermore, spreading these services will broaden EV adoption as a result of its clean energy and economic point of view. Keywords - Electric vehicles, Charging station, Photovoltaic panel, Grocery store.