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Quick Tyre Changer

Think of the days when car was discovered in a basic model. It is of a great gift to the people one who wishes to travel long. It finds its improvement as the days passes in all aspects like comfort, efficiency… etc. All of the car companies are investing and implementing the new ideas only to make a car more efficient but none of the company tries to solve problem occurring during flat tyre. Nowadays, many companies have roadside assistance services that will come and fix your flats. But sometimes in some areas this service also fails hence we are intended to change the tyre, this is not possible for the old aged people and injured people. Hence this project or plan will make this process easier by using a QUICK TYRE CHANGER which does this by the engine power. There are many projects on these that try to solve this problem, but there are more disadvantages hence they didn’t come into play. And thereby implementing these ideas those people can be relieved of thinking about their tyre failure.