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The Effect of Different ─░ntake Manifold Geometries on Single-Cylinder Diesel Engine Soot Formation and Performance

Intake port geometry is the most important design parameter for air intake to the combustion chamber of engines. Particularly in diesel engines, it is desirable that the intake port geometry in the formation of the fuel-air mixture form a certain horizontal vorticity ratio since only the air is introduced into the combustion chamber and the fuel is injected into the air. In this study, the cylinder head manufactured with 3 different geometries of the intake port of a single cylinder compression ignition engine experimentally examined the effect of engine power, torque, and specific fuel consumption. As a result of the work, power, torque, specific fuel consumption is experimentally measured. In the study results, different types of intake port designs were found to be effective on power, torque, specific fuel consumption. Keywords - Intake Manifold, ─░ntake Port, Mold, Spade, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine