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Gyroscopic Effects on Vibratory Responses of Nonlinear Misaligned Rotor Systems

In engineering practices, misalignment of the rotors of rotor systems is inevitable and may affect the dynamic behavior and therefore the operation and operation life of the system. The other effects of the systems such as gyroscopic effects of the rotors and nonlinearities involved in the systems may also play a considerable role when it comes to high speed rotors with misalignment. This research is to analyze a nonlinear multi-rotor system which is affected by gyroscopic effects of the system and misalignments of the rotors. The significances of the gyroscopic effect on the vibratory responses of the system are focused in the research. The results of the research contribute to understanding of the dynamic behavior of nonlinear multi-rotor systems and provide guidance for designing and manufacturing such systems. Key words - Gyroscopic effects, nonlinear vibrations, nonlinear rotor supports, rotor systems, misalignment.