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Effects of Cutting Parameters on Edge Features of Steel Rod Cut by Punch/Dieshearing

Typically, theedge features of steel rod cut by punch/die shearing determine the quality and the application of the sheared products. In this study,the authors aim to investigate the effects ofa shearing parameter, punch/die clearance, on the cutting load resistanceand the edge features of shearedrod.A JIS SCM420steel rod was chosen as the material for the investigation. The punch/die clearance was experimentally varied from 40 to 250 m.Cutting results, the cutting load resistance, the features of sheared edges, were examined. In addition, the finite element method (FEM)analysis was conducted to simulate the stress distribution in the sheared rod.Form the investigation results, it was found that the sizes of rolloverand the burr zones formedat the sheared edge significantlyincreased with the clearance. Also, from the shearing simulation, the variation of the rollover zone size seemed to be explained by the maximum principal tensile stress near the edge of the cutting tools. Index Terms - Three-Dim. Cutting, Rod, Shearing,Burr, Wear