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PID based of Self-Balancing Twin Spherical Balls Robot with Omnidirectional Wheels

The idea of this research was to design and construct a robot that can be balanced and driven on twin balls. This behavior is similar to a new mode of transportation works without human interaction. This aims to control the motion or direction of the robot and the torque controller is defined and implemented in order to solve this problem. Torque controller consists of a PID controller for the robot wheel’s angular velocity and a dynamic equation of stepper motor. The motor dynamics can be derived from the energy conservation law. Feedback of inclination angle of robot is got by equipping the robot with two set of gyroscopes and accelerometers that could accurately measure the robot deflection angle and angular velocity. For the derivation of motion, the Lagrangian equation is selected to solute the energy, force and coordinates planes. As this robot system is motion control, Kalman filter is also used for precision position control. Keywords - Accelerometers, Acrylic Plastic, Gyroscope, Omnidirectional Wheels, PID, Solid Words Software, Stepper Motors