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Dynamic Simulation and Motion Analysis of Six DOF Articulated Robotic Arm

This research presents behavior and performance of a six degree of freedom (DOF) robotic arm by using simulation through Autodesk Inventor. A 3D model of the manipulator was built; with a total workspace of 690 mm to carry a maximum payload of 200 g. Dynamic simulations are carried out on the model to examine the properties such as torque variation at the joints, speed, and trajectory of the manipulator. The simulation result showed that the manipulator has expected responses similar to a physical model. Maximum velocity of end effector is 0.6 m/s and acceleration of 0.59 m/s2. In the stress analysis, maximum Von-Mises stress was seen in the base which is equal to 14.91 MPa. This simulation method will reduce the need for testing on physical systems as long as the model sufficiently represents robotic arm to be built. Keywords - Von Misses stress, Six DOF articulated robotic arm, Torque, Workspace, Aluminum 6061.