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A New Capacity Factor Based on Rated Wind Speed for Optimal Selection of Wind Turbines

A new formulation is presented for the capacity factor based on annual wind energy generation and wind energy of the most probable wind. The new formulation is written in the form of the function of rated wind speed. With this new formulation, it is possible to determine the optimal rated wind speed for a certain wind turbine design and wind characteristics at a specific region. The power coefficient of Vestas-80 2.0 MW is used together with the Weibull probability density function of wind speed to derive the capacity factor. For the known cut-in and cut-out wind speeds, the capacity factor values are calculated at different wind characteristics. The calculated rated wind speed corresponding to the maximum values of the capacity factors are compared with the designed rated wind speed of 14 m/s ofVestas-80 2MW wind turbine. The wind turbine is recommended for suitable wind regions for maximizing the annual energy production. Keywords - Annual energy production; Capacity factor; Largewind turbine; Rated wind speed; Weibull distribution.