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Micro Heat Pipe System for Space Avionics

This paper presents an experimental analysis of a Local Thermal Control System for Avionics systems inside a spacecraft. For the space missions, temperature control of the electronics on-board plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the spacecraft. Current technologies used for this purpose are Multilayer Insulation (MLI), Shutters and Fluid Loops. This project aims at maintaining operating temperature of electronic equipment used in spacecraft at an individual level. It utilizes Heat Pipes as a means of heat transfer, thereby providing cooling operation and micro heaters for heating operation. Working at the local level, this system accesses the hotspots and in event of a rise in ambient temperature, it transfers heat with help of heat pipes to the cooling system and keeps the temperature low. Similarly, when there is a drop in ambient temperature, this system uses thermal cutoff mechanism to turn a micro heater ON, which helps in avoiding freezing temperatures. It will be able to access the hotspots which are the primary targets, both for the heating as well as the cooling operation. This system will greatly reduce the reliance on Thermal Control System of spacecraft and will ensure proper functioning of all electronics even if there is a rise or fall in temperature of the spacecraft. Index Terms - Micro heat pipe, Space avionics, Thermal control, Temperature Management.