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Optimizing Efficiency of Elevating Screw for Radial Drilling Machine by Varying Helix Angles

Elevating screw is used for lifting and lowering the mass slowly which is required in any assemble shop of heavy industry. Elevating screw is an essential part of the radial drilling machine. It is a square thread type. In this research, detail design of elevating screw for radial drilling machine is considered. This study investigated influence of thread pitch, helix angle and the corresponding effect on efficiency of elevating screw. In the analysis, SOLIDWORKS software is used for the elevating screw model and ANSYS 14.5 software is used for the analysis of stress and deformation on the elevating screw with three different helix angles (2.72º, 3.31º, and 3.92º). In the existing deign, elevating screw has thread pitch 6 mm, helix angle 3.31º and efficiency 31.4%. Helix angle 3.92º has efficiency 35.12%. In helix angle 3.92º, improve efficiency 3.92% is more than existing screw design. Among three different angles, 3.92º has the best efficiency and safe from the stress and deformation perspective in order to improve the performance from safety and durability point of view for developments in the screw design. So, selected 3.92º helix angle is chosen for our screw design. Keywords - Deformation, Elevating Screw, Efficiency, Helix Angle, Stressanalysis