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Flow Analysis of Hydrokinetic Axial Flow Turbine using CFD Simulation

In this research, a hydrokinetic axial flow turbine has been designed by the blade element momentum (BEM) theory and the blades are also simulated to investigate its flow structures and hydrodynamic characteristics. The design implementation of small-scaled hydrokinetic axial flow turbine rotor blade is presented and this includes the determination of the blade hydrofoil, blade angle and chord length distribution along the blade span. The computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of hydrokinetic axial flow turbine is carried out for rated power output 200W at designed water speed 1.5m/s, tip speed ratio 6 and number of blades 3. Maximum lift and drag coefficient ratio for SG 6041 hydrofoil is observed at an angle of attack (α) 3º with Reynolds number 250000 by using Profili 2.30a Pro software. The investigations of pressure and velocity distribution of the turbine blade were performed by the numerical simulation with the aid of Ansys CFX. According to the simulation results, the torque on the blades is 8.58 Nm and the turbine power output was calculated 233.5476W. Keywords - Blade element momentum (BEM) theory, hydrofoil, hydrokinetic axial flow turbine rotor blade, computational fluid dynamic (CFD).