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Design and Fabrication of Chironji Decortication Machine

Buchananialanzan is a tree which produces the seeds known as chironji (charoli).This fruits is cultivated by farmers and tribal people living in forest. The fruit of chironji contains a hard nut that on decortication yields kernel. The chironji nuts and kernels have been used extensively but there is no machinery for processing of chironji nuts. At present shelling of chironji nuts are done manually and some time by locally made machines. But the machines are not specifically designed. So there is need for developing the machinery for chironji decorticating. So our aim is to design and fabricate the efficient and cost effective machine. Machine is powered by single phase AC motor. It consists of one disk and a drum rotating in same direction at different rotational speeds. The rotating disk have spot weld on its top surface. The disk carries the fruit forward and drum traps the fruit in the clearance and crushes the outer shell. This provides a simple and inexpensive machine, offering affordable solution to farmers and tribals. Keywords - Chironji Nuts, Kernels, Nuts Decortications (shelling).