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Topology Optimization and Manufacturing Aspects for Hull Structure of Wheeled Combat Vehicle

Light weight design of hull structure chassis of wheeled combat vehicle is quite challenging task considering requirement of lower chassis weight with high stiffness during military operations and cross country mobility aspects. The research work presents structural topology optimization of hull structure of combat vehicle to obtain optimal material distribution within available space pertaining to required stiffness parameters and boundary constraints. Optimal weight of vehicle is computed using density method by defining minimum compliance and volume as objective function of the topology optimization study. Present study highlights problem formulation with solid isotropic material with penalisation (SIMP) optimization technique. Various static and dynamic loading conditions have been considered for optimization of vehicle structure. Based on the output of the optimization study, suitable recommendations have been made for hull structure designer in terms of optimal layout configuration of structural members in the early stage of design. Keywords - Topology Optimization, Chassis Design, Combat Vehicle, Compliance, Finite Element Analysis.