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Design, Construction and Performance Test of a Foot Pump Sprayer

A sprayer is a gadget used to spray a fluid. For pesticide control agriculturists need to splash bug sprays on their yields. For this reason, diverse kinds of sprayers are utilized. Little-scale ranchers are by and large inspired by the physical lever worked Knapsack sprayer for its ease. This sort of sprayer can be utilized to splash bug spray on fields of products however not on mango or lychee trees. Since it can't spray to a higher elevation. This paper emphasizes on a foot operated spraying pump which can meet the reason for splashing on mango or lychee trees with the end goal of pesticide control. The novelty of this device is that it can keep up high pressure with low work which makes it simple to shower to a higher elevation. The proposed foot operated sprayer has been designed and constructed accordingly. The performance tests have been done to measure significant aspects of the sprayer like the highest elevation of water it can spray, which was found to be 5.48 meters. All the results found were satisfactory compared to the existing sprayers in the market. Keywords - Foot Pump, Sprayer, Performance Analysis, Knapsack Sprayer, Nozzle, Paddle